Curve and Co:definery


Curve and Co:definery work in partnership as BIMA’s Transformation & Leadership Expert.

Co:definery is a specialist management consultancy, helping agencies plot their shortest course from good to great. Curve is a leadership consultancy that helps agencies create their own change.

To thrive as the global economy recovers from the pandemic, BIMA members must stand out in an uncertain and fast-moving competitive landscape. That requires decisive action now. And because clients are demanding deeper, more demonstrable expertise, building a differentiated Customer Experience is essential.

So Curve and Co:definery have developed the Agency CX Roadmap – a clear, actionable plan for business-wide change.

Through a short series of immersive workshops, we explore the five core pillars of agency Customer Experience, assessing your unique strengths and weaknesses, identifying blind spots and agreeing prioritised actions, owners and timelines.

“The Agency CX Roadmap process was incredibly useful for Engine, giving us a meaningful new focus and energy. By serving up independent, considered and rigorous insights, it sparked frank debate about our future strategy. That impartiality helped us get elephants out of the corner, creating a space of openness and trust where everyone felt comfortable to reimagine or reinvent, without feeling protective of the status quo. I would recommend it highly.”

Jim Moffatt, CEO Europe & Asia Pacific, Engine

Whether your agency requires serious transformation or more nuanced optimisation, our process creates a safe space to align your team around a roadmap for sustainable growth.  And because you agree the priorities together, the shared commitment makes everyone accountable for change.

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