Simeon Quarrie

Founder, VIVIDA & Canon Ambassador, Google Mentor, VIVIDA

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My aim is to my use my talents of storytelling, creativity and innovation to drive change and meaningfully impact and influence the hearts and minds of as many people as possible before my time is done.

Growing up I’d ask myself, how does a young black boy from the suburbs have a meaningful impact? My answer back then was to nurture and develop my creative, analytical talents and skills. Then form a team of likewise exceptional individuals and then work with like minded organisations who want to do good. Oh and openly share insights and learnings with as many people as possible along the way.

And here I am, Simeon Quarrie. Step by step living my dream. I’ve built and continue to build a supportive and exceptionally talented team (VIVIDA) that help me bring my vision to life using immersive VR, video and animation.

I’m lucky enough to work with awesome organisations like Canon | SKY | Burberry | Barclays | GOOGLE | Nivea | Unilever | MSD/ MERCK | Ideas Foundation | Royal Academy of Engineers

I continue to share and give back, having spoken and keynoted in over 20 countries.

There are a number of topics that I really care about. Encouraging creativity. Diversity & inclusion. Personal and organisational resilience. Mental health. Investing in young people. So it’s always great when the day job overlaps with these important issues.

What’s exciting me right now? Virtual and augmented reality. Imagine you want/ need to really engage an individual and or group. I mean jaw dropping immersion on an issue that really matters to you. Or maybe change the way individuals and teams think and behave? This what VIVIDA are doing right now, thanks to 2 years of R&D and investment.

There is nothing I’d love more, than to chat with like minded people and organisations! So drop me a message 🙂