Scott Shillum


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Scott founded multi-award winning visual communications agency VisMedia in 2000 after a ten-year career working as a Picture Editor on UK national and international publications including ‘The European’ and ‘Sunday Business’ newspapers. As CEO of, he leads a a team of creative storytellers fusing visual media with innovation to enrich communications.

Scott is primarily responsible for the ongoing strategic direction of the business and discovering how new technologies in the Extended Reality (XR) landscape can help their diverse client base. He has a love of the creative process and and is an expert on the deployment of Immersive 360°media including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

In 2015, after losing his identical twin brother to suicide, Scott co-founded The Photography Movement  a not for profit that through exhibitions, workshops and panel discussions, aims to spark conversation around mental health and wellbeing through the medium of photography.