Fareed Patel

Founder, Hamari Labs

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Fareed Patel is the founder of Hamari Labs, a digital product studio.
Hamari Labs helps create new sources of value for organizations of all shapes, sizes, and stages by fundamentally re-designing user experiences for the digital age. Their exceptionally talented team architects design and develop digital products that combine great user experience with robust & reliable technology platforms. They design software for smartphones, mobile, and web. By following an agile product-led approach, they aim to create marvelous products which disrupt industries and deliver tangible results.
The engineering team are proficient in the most sought-after technologies such as the LAMP and MEAN stack. But most of all, their developers have a breadth of experience across different technologies and are hired on the basis of being lifelong learners who love solving challenging problems. We’d like to speak to entrepreneurs, MDs or department directors looking to solve a business problem or create new possibilities through developing innovative software.