David Murray

Senior Product Manager @ InYourArea.co.uk (part of ReachPLC) | Leader | Product Manager | Digital Creative | Blockchain Enthusiast


I’m a product manager, digital creative and leader. My aim is to lead people to create excellent products that positively benefit society & the planet.

I’ve lead creative, technical and pre-sales organisations in the advertising industry at Yahoo & Oath to deliver complex technical solutions in EMEA and across the globe. In recent years, I’ve focussed my teams on adopting LEAN principles while encouraging & delivering innovation in the media space at a global media giant. I’m interested in the use of consensus & distributed computing (such as blockchain) in the media industry.

I’ve experience in design, front end development, multimedia journalism, media production, public speaking, organisational leadership & product management.

My values at work are:
Fun – Work hard, but always with a sense of fun.
Integrity – Treat others the way you want to be. Be honest & be prepared for honesty in return.
Fairness – Be inclusive & consider all stakeholders. Be objective in decision making and give people a chance.
Excellence – Deliver all work to the highest possible standard. Always ask yourself: “am I proud of this?”
Freedom – People should be free to express opinions & be given space to solve challenges themselves. They should also be held accountable for what they do with that freedom.