Ashley Samuels-McKenzie

Director, Unity & Motion

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Ashley brings a unique perspective to U&M with the experience of being both an accomplished lead performing vocalist and a video maker, developing new artists, musicians and brands.

These new artists have gone on to have huge success, featuring on the likes of Radio 1 and The X Factor. Ashley has witnessed first hand how video content and a large online presence has contributed to these successes.

With more than 3 years now being a mentor and coach with the Progressive People network Ashley has learned a great deal about human performance through his hands-on experiences and through the study of behavioural sciences.

Ashley now applies this inside knowledge when working with clients of U&M to increase their online profile and effectively communicate with their audience/customers.

His technical expertise is coupled with an instinctive understanding of how to bring out the best in individuals allowing them to thrive in front of the camera.