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Mission Statement

Raising the profile of the digital sector in Scotland. Promoting cross-sector engagement and education and talent initiatives.

About the council

With a mission to drive innovation and excellence across Scotland, BIMA Scotland is setting a countrywide agenda to boost Scotland’s digital economy and drive positive change within the industry.

We’re doing that by building connections nationwide to boost collaboration and unlock commercial opportunity. We’re promoting home-grown thought leaders and local talent on a national stage. And we’re recognising excellence and showcasing the outstanding work being produced by Scottish businesses and students.

Thought Leadership

Council Chair

Gerry McCusker, CEO & Owner at Dog


Gerry is CEO at Dog, an independent digital communications agency. Since 2001, Gerry has driven the agency’s expansion from 10 to 75 staff across offices in Glasgow, London and South East Asia. View profile


Council Members

Alisdair Gunn, Director - Framewire

Claire Scally, Joint Managing Director at TRC Media

Darcie Tanner, Digital Director at Stripe Communications

Gareth Edwards, Deloitte Digital Scotland

Gregor Matheson, Creative Director at Tayburn

Jessica Mullen, Managing Director at CreateFuture 

Mia Chapman, Consultant

Nathan Fulwood, Strategy Director at CreateFuture

Rachel Arthur, BIMA Edinburgh Representative

Stephen Lepitak, Editor at The Drum

Martin Jordan, Director of Innovation at Equator

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