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Mission Statement

To continually strive to engender productive conversations, action and interaction between government, academia and students so that BIMA can positively impact the employability of relevant graduates.

About the council

If we are to ensure the digital talent pipeline delivers, we need to ensure that graduates leave university not only with the skills employers need, but also with the experiences and understanding that improve their employability.

The BIMA Universities Council connects government, academia, students and agencies. We’re ensuring students are ready for the workplace on graduation and that university courses are fit for purpose. We’re supporting better funding opportunities for post-grads. And we’re working to ensure that government policy delivers the right changes to our university ecosystem.

Council Chair

Tiffany St James, CEO at Transmute Worldwide


Tiffany is the BIMA Group Chair of Universities - enabling better engagement between Digital Industry, Academia and Government to help ensure graduates have better opportunities to work within Digital Industry and Digital Industry has better access to emerging talent. View profile

Council Members

Andy Beaumont, Partner at Hactar

James Cotton, Founder & MD at Onespacemedia

Matthew Desmier, Founder at Wise Old Uncle / Think Create Do

Gavin Allanwood, Actibility

Thayer Prime, Founder at Team Prime

Matt Clark, Senior Manager, Content and Commerce, Deloitte Digital


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