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Having run in the same circles for years as digital marketing trainers, fate eventually had us working together to deliver training programs. Together we have trained 65,000 marketers, in 75 countries – ranging from small business, to the big boys and girls of household brands. Someone once called us the Goldilocks of digital marketing training. We naturally took that as a compliment, but the truth of it remains to be seen!

We believe that learning shouldn’t be for people with deep pockets, it should be more affordable, it should be more acessible. We also believe that you can have fun as you learn. We want to educate, motivate and inspire people to do better digital marketing. Seriously.

We really love marketing, and we really do want more people to ‘get it’ – not just being entertained and knowing what it is, but actually get back to the office and bloody do it, be more awesome, get results, make bank.

So, if you learn with us, you will get a ton of editable templates which are grounded in a good couple of decades of doing the job, a conversational style of animation, video and heap of guided practice.

This is by far the hardest, most rewarding job we have ever taken on, but we think it’s worth it, and we hope you like what we’re putting out there.

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