The Advisory Collective


The Advisory Collective was founded by Lisa Menaldo and Ellie Edwards-Scott to address the needs of companies who are looking to launch into new markets, create disruption with exciting and innovative solutions or to help accelerate their business growth

​As the name suggests, we are a collective of experienced digital experts that have honed their skills working with some of the leading agency holding groups, cutting edge digital start-ups, SAAS technologists, publishing power houses and data analytics companies

​Partnering with clients from start to finish, we focus on understanding the business needs and challenges. Bringing unparalleled skills into your organisation, working alongside you to produce new ideas, develop effective and successful strategies and scalable solutions

​In an ever evolving ecosystem, it is imperative to have access to a wealth of knowledge which allows your company to make insightful and informed decisions, taking your business to the next level in ever competitive landscapes…the true essence of why The Advisory Collective was founded

Meet the Team