We help ambitious grocery brands drive sales

The grocery market is always changing.

Retailer power shifts, new technologies are introduced and new choices emerge. Now, faster than ever.

Consumer habits and preferences are shifting just as fast.

And competition for customer attention has never been fiercer.

Eight years ago, we launched Activation with a mission to help grocery brands navigate and cut through these changes.

19 clients, 42 brands and 160 campaigns later,…

We believe – more passionately than ever – that consumer activations are most powerful when channels work together in an end-to-end consumer journey.

So, that’s what we do. We use a smart mix of ‘digitally centred’ brand marketing, shopper marketing and sales promotion to drive consumers closer to purchase

This approach, combined with our deep grocery category experience and huge digital expertise gets the results our clients want. Fast.

We are Activation, from channel to shelf.

Meet the Team