Tom Jarvis

Founder & Managing Director, Wilderness Agency


I am an experienced digital agency founder and former entertainment marketing, specialist. I founded Wilderness Agency in early 2015, with the vision of becoming the biggest independent social media agency. I have led the growth of the multi-award-winning agency both in the UK and now in Europe working with some of the world's biggest entertainment and consumer brands, across Strategy, Creative and Paid Media. We are the social conversation experts, starting and shaping online conversation for the likes of HBO, Discovery Network, Ellesse, Warner Bros, Water Aid, GSMA, and NBC Universal,
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London, United Kingdom

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Spreading positivity on social media works
By Tom Jarvis, 1 Nov 2019
Have you ever noticed how little the news informs us about the positive things that are happening in the world? Social media has created a world for us to freely share our opinions on the big bad world wide web, but are they really ...

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