Martin Gordon

Creative Innovation Facilitator


Martin has worked in creative innovation for over two decades spending time in the music industry working with musicians on production and also as part of Ministry of Sound helping to bring their music online as streaming media. From there Martin has worked in the digital sphere as an AV Media Specialist and also in design and development for Education, Healthcare and Marketing agencies. Martin has run his own boutique digital agency for over 10 years alongside MundoNovus which is a creative consultancy using LEGO® SERIOUSPLAY®, Improv, Game Storming and Design Thinking workshops to help businesses overcome problems, help expose new ideas and break you out of old thinking patterns through structured play. These techniques promote new ways of learning, innovating and engaging your whole organisation. The result will see your organisation becoming dynamic and resilient enough to cope with and lead in this environment of perpetual change.
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Liverpool City Region, United Kingdom

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