Pharaoh Woghiren

Founder / Design Director


Recognised by BIMA as one of the UK's top creative digital leaders, and forming part of Toptal’s 3% global design talent; Over the past decade Pharaoh's skills in the field of Digital Product Design have helped many startups and brands to create world-class digital experiences. After founding his own design studio in 2016 (Neworks), he received a Bima award nomination for his outstanding design work on 'Now', a pioneering social matchmaking app that grew weekly by 270% after its initial launch in 2018. Whilst operating as one of the Directors of Now, Pharaoh also forms part of InVision's Design Leadership Forum and serves as the Chief Design Officer at Appello, an international full-service design and development agency. With a wealth of experience in digital, Pharaoh continues to be an advocate of holistic design, with an emphasis on thoughtful reduction, mindfulness and craftsmanship.
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London, United Kingdom

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