James Watson

Chief Marketing Officer, Immerse


An experienced senior marketer, currently focusing on Immersive Technology opportunities (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality) at both a brand and business level. Possessing the ability to balance innovative solutions with commercial needs, to motivate team members and to bridge the gap between agency specialists and business owners. With over 20 years experience in digital marketing and innovation, James has spent the past 4 years championing the development of immersive technology solutions at Imagination. By focusing on solutions that have a meaningful business impact, Imagination has delivered ground-breaking immersive technology projects for clients including Major League Baseball, Shell, JLR, Telstra and Ford. Key to this success has been ensuring that the huge potential of immersive technology is used appropriately, as James firmly believes that the time for gimmicky VR and AR initiatives is over. It’s clear that as business leaders gain a better understanding of the potential benefits immersive technology can and should deliver, this in turn is driving greater scrutiny and the need for quantifiable results. James leads the Major League Baseball , IKEA and Shell (digital) accounts. Speaker at AR & VR World (2017), The Virtual Reality Show, Imagine 2017 and Develop:VR. Upcoming speaker engagements: AR & VR World (2018), Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018 and World VR Forum 2018 (Crans-Montana, Switzerland) Member of BIMA Immersive Technology Think Tank and ImmerseUK Steering Group.
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London, United Kingdom

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