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The Reality of Transformation
By Helen Whittaker, 13 Feb 2019
The reality of transformation: people always come first
By Helen Whittaker, 8 Nov 2018
"It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change" - Charles Darwin, 1809 This October representatives from Great State chaired, attended and spoke at the Innovation ...
Founders Don’t Scale And Other Lessons
By Helen Whittaker, 8 Nov 2018
How do start-ups transform into solid businesses with sustainable plans for growth? Over the last few years, we’ve developed brand and growth strategies for some of the world’s most successful scale-ups. These are organisations ...
Getting off the shelf can reignite growth in FMCG
By Helen Whittaker, 8 Nov 2018
All global consumer goods companies are facing up to changing consumer tastes and slowing growth. As Heinz UK announces new innovation plans and Unilever continues its acquisition spree, we’ve analysed the three biggest opportunities ...
Alcohol brands must connect directly with drinkers in a post-GDPR world
By Helen Whittaker, 8 Nov 2018
Mass drinks brands, like all consumer-packaged goods companies, have always struggled to know exactly who’s buying or consuming their products. The need to grow direct engagement with audiences is greater than ever. Whether you’re ...
Delivering on the promise of personalisation event: September 2018
By Helen Whittaker, 8 Nov 2018
At our recent breakfast event, it was clear that whilst everyone aspires to the promised land of true personalisation and most recognise the multiple benefits of an effective programme, many brands are still struggling to achieve ...
Think small to deliver personalisation at scale
By Helen Whittaker, 8 Nov 2018
Consumer expectations for highly-personalised products and services are growing. To stay relevant, brands consider personalisation a key priority for their businesses in 2018. However, delivering high levels of targeted personalisation ...
Great State win Aston Villa brief
By Helen Whittaker, 4 Sep 2018
Brand technology agency, Great State, has been appointed by Aston Villa Football Club to help future proof their digital strategy and strengthen their online customer experience. Together they will deliver a customer-first digital ...

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