Nick Whitfield

Marketing Manager, Kyan


Hi, I’m Nick, Marketing Manager at Kyan – and here’s my story... After a childhood, youth and adolescence of career aspirations that meandered between Professional Wrestler, to World’s Strongest Man to NBA player… I eventually embarked on a career in marketing for the comparable fame, remuneration and personal notoriety it would inevitably bring. More seriously, I got my start in marketing after briefly working as a freelance copywriter in the travel industry. There are still few things that please me more than reading well-crafted copy. Eventually accepting a full-time position marketing an online startup meant that I was immediately on a steep (and self-taught) digital marketing learning curve. Over the following years, I learned how my strengths as a storyteller and message-crafter, combined with being naturally analytical and opinionated worked well in marketing products, brands and services. I’m now helping tell (and write!) the Kyan story. We build apps, platforms and digital products for businesses that want to make a real impact. We’ve worked with everyone from startups, to blue chip organisations to the compliance-heavy financial sector. We work the ‘Kyan Way’, which is a phrase we use to describe our dual emphasis on unrestricted creative thinking and our rigorous technical know-how.
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Guildford, United Kingdom

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