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What’s Next in… Finance – Banks, Digital and a Recessionary Relationship Reset


The global pandemic is accelerating change in banking relationships and shifting expectations on the digital experiences that banks provide to support wellbeing.

With 10 years of Digital Transformation happening in a matter of weeks, and a looming recession, changes in people’s circumstances are accelerating long term trends for wellbeing support.

So how should the industry respond?

In an essential webinar for all those in or working with financial services or fintech, MullenLowe Profero will present the results of their latest research while an expert panel will discuss its implications.


The research surveys those hardest hit by the recession, young UK customers people and small businesses, as MullenLowe Profero see the greatest need for change and innovation coming from these communities.

The findings look at how the recession is generating the need to support individual wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of local community and global sustainability.

The demand goes beyond content and marketing messages into the day-to-day digital experiences people now rely on in the shift to zero contact relationships.

MullenLowe Profero will demonstrate this through leading digital innovation examples to help inspire bank and fintech leaders to develop digital wellbeing offerings

The report explores the themes of:

The need to put financial wellbeing at the heart of the Banking Experience, and what this means for digital channels

How community engagement is influencing brand preference in a zero contact, digital frontline world

How the crisis has furthered tensions between global health and economic concerns, accelerating a focus on ESG issues and bringing this data into the service experience

Our Host:

Louise Smith, Chief Digital Officer at Lloyd’s

Our Speakers:

Iain Niblock, Product Manager at Money Dashboard

Arkaprabha Sircar, Strategy & Innovation Principal at NatWest

Howard Pull, Head of Strategy – Digital Transformation at MullenLowe Profero

John Humpish, Co-Founder of M:QUBE and Ziglu

Their Bios:

John Humpish, Co-Founder of M:QUBE and Ziglu

John is a graduate engineer who rather unusually has spent most of his career in the world of marketing.

Having been sponsored through university by Ford of Europe, he joined Mars on graduation and spent 10 years marketing confectionery and petcare brands across Europe based in the UK and Germany.

He subsequently moved to the financial sector, going on to lead the Marketing function globally at Axa, Deutsche Bank and Zurich as a member of their Global Executive Committees.

He has co-founded 4 fintech businesses spanning the worlds of mortgages, financial advice, cryptocurrencies and travel finance.

He is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a huge believer in the power of customer-led, technology-enabled propositions that positively impact people’s lives, and a passionate advocate of the importance of financial education in particular.

Arkaprabha Sircar, Strategy & Innovation Principal at NatWest

Banking professional with varied experience having served / worked for over 20 banks across United Kingdom, India and SE Asia. My North Star is finding opportunities to have impact at scale. Passionate about all facets of mass scale banking: Retail, SME, payments. I believe universal access to Banking is core to changing the world – think direct transfer of benefits, credit for those in the informal sector, etc.

His current role as a Strategy & Innovation Principal at NatWest (Personal Banking) involves stepping into the customer’s shoes and being a part of their lives, understanding their daily challenges and finding the best possible solution using the best the Bank, partners and broader ecosystem have to offer. This requires working with colleagues across business and functions within the Bank, as well as partners.

Prior roles included being a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, working in the central Strategy Team at TSB Bank, serving mid-size Indian companies as a Commercial Banking Relationship Manager and being a Personal Banker at a branch.

Howard Pull, Head of Strategy – Digital Transformation at MullenLowe Profero

Howard leads MullenLowe Profero’s Digital Transformation Strategy team in London, helping brands drive innovation and create experiences that transform categories.

He brings 20 years’ experience working for leading digital agencies spanning Retail, Media and Finance brands including Barclays, HSBC and Western Union.

Howard has led the recent MullenLowe Profero research looking at financial wellbeing into the small business and youth communities.

Iain Niblock, Product Manager at Money Dashboard

Recently joined Money Dashboard as a Product Manager leading the web application team. For the 5 years prior to his role at Money Dashboard Iain led as founding CEO a fintech startup called Orca Money. Orca focused on helping retail and institutional investors access the peer to peer lending (P2P) market. The company developed and marketed a web aggregation platform which allowed investors to invest across multiple P2P Lending platforms. As a founder Iain’s role covered fund raising, leadership, customer acquisition and product development. Iain’s particular passion is developing and marketing software products in the financial sector.

Please note: As this is a joint event your data will be shared with both BIMA and MullenLowe Profero.

Your data is important to us and we’re committed to protecting it. We have updated our policy to make it easy for you to understand your choices and the control you have over your data. Please review here.


Thu, 09 Jul 2020
15:00 - 16:00


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