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Optimisation with HSBC, MOO.com and BWin



Bhavik Patel, Moo.com, Head of site and product analytics

Follow the early stages of moo beginning it’s optimisation journey and gain an insight into optimisation at Ladbrokes and how they went from small to big with experiments. Using data, discover how they optimised navigation and increased app downloads and the steps they took in building a proof of concept recommendation engine. 

Bhavik has over 8 years of experience working in digital marketing, analytics and optimisation. He has built, grown and developed analytics and optimisation teams at a number of companies across different industries. He has recently taken on the role of Head of site and product analytics at moo.com

Marcello Pasqualucci : Lead Optimisation Strategist at HSBC

For Marcello “Optmisation is a way of life” Marcello has concentrated on website optimisation for the last four years and is well versed in tools such as google, mixpanel and optimizely. He combines his passion for neuromarketing with his love of maths to look at the human side and data side of optimisation.

Session : Optimisation evolved: it’s not about A/B testing anymore

How you should change your optimisation program for an evolving digital audience 

Neal Cole : Website Optimisation Manager, BWIN Gaming (Managing strategy and testing for website optimisation for Games brands (PartyPoker.com, PartyCasino.com, Foxybingo,com and Cheekybingo,com)

Session : Common myths about website optimisation

Neal Cole , optimises websites and mobile app performance using a combination of approaches including web analytics, heuristic analysis, customer journey mapping, usability testing, and Voice of Customer feedback. The objective is to ensure the aim of each screen is aligned with the organisation’s business goals. This helps to improve conversion rates and revenues significantly as almost all websites benefit from a review of customer touch points and user journeys


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