Understanding New Digital Behaviours Through User Centred Design

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How have digital behaviours changed in the last three years? What change is permanent and what remains in flux? And how can user centred design (UCD) help you respond, and ensure your product or service hits the mark?

On 16 June, join us for a webinar for C-suite leaders as we help you understand why accelerated change is the new normal, and how getting in front of customers as part of the product development cycle can help you respond to that change, with products that deliver.

Hosted by AND Digital’s Practice Group Lead, Rhys Billington, you’ll hear from leading Digital Psychologist – and UX Research Specialist – Fay Djemil on people change and design through the behavioural science lens.

And you’ll also hear from our own Alex Comyn, Digital strategy lead at AND Digital; who will share why poor user experiences no longer generate a response of indifference from consumers but one of frustration and sometimes outright rage.

AND we’ll explore:

  • What is UCD?
  • Why UCD should be part of your digital transformation strategy
  • How UCD can help you develop products better aligned to your customers and which you can bring to market faster
  • How UCD can help you get to know a customer well enough to understand what they want now and what they could potentially want in the future
  • How brands can respond to customer change by changing themselves into near-hybrid brands/tech companies, so they don’t have to wait 2-3 months for the next software release – they can release constantly and be on the front foot


Users changed. Speed of response to that change post-Covid is now critical. But speed must be matched by getting the product right, because poor user experiences no longer generate a response of indifference, but one of frustration and sometimes outright rage.

UCD provides a structured method and uses research methods to inform design thinking, in turn this can help brands build better products faster. It can help them make transparent and moral choices about how they manage customer relationships and data. On the other side of the coin, dissuasive design focuses on creating services that inform users of their options and nudges them to not proceed with the step, task, action.

This webinar will help C-suites apply UCD from a culture and change perspective, and make it a core part of your transformation strategy.


Facilitator – Rhys Billington, Practice Group Lead, AND Digital

Fay Djemil, Digital Psychologist & UX Specialist

Alex Comyn, Brand Experience & Planning Principal, Club Turing, AND Digital

More speaker soon to be announced.



Fay Djemil

Fay Djemil, Digital Psychologist and Founder of Human Design- a specialist user experience consultancy.

Fay is passionate about unearthing why people behave the way they do – and more so how behavioural science can shape our actions and experiences through design and engineering.

Her team design experiments and use research insights to create stellar and inclusive experiences for clients worldwide. Fay is passionate about developing the science that underpins Digital Psychology and creating academic pathways in technology for the new generation of underrepresented social-scientists.

Rhys Billington, Practice Group Lead. Club Kilburn (Manchester)

Rhys joined AND Digital in 2018, bringing with him 30+ years of experience as an experienced eCommerce & Digital professional. Whilst at AND, Rhys has helped companies such as Lookers, Sykes Cottages and PWC with their digital transformation, bringing the customer to the forefront of their projects.

Alex Comyn, Brand Experience & Planning Principal, Club Turing, AND Digital


Thu, 16 Jun 2022
12:00 - 13:00


City of London



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