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Posted by Maria Chuhraeva

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Master your lifestyle, career and relationships – by mastering yourself.

The life event is a high-energy 2-day event that incorporates the latest ideas from neuro coaching, mindfulness, sports performance and positive psychology.

Would you like to master your life with the mindset techniques of high performers.

The simple truth is that your performance is a product of your ‘state’. In a bad state everything seems like a problem, in your optimum state you feel like you can handle almost anythin

Your state is not just something that happens to you. You can become your own coach and learn how to change your own state. 

Most people who attend the event go on to make changes and achieve things that they never imagined possible.

These three inspirational, funny and down-to-earth men keep us on tenterhooks with inspiring stories, but there’s a lot more to the Life Event than loud music and stories of Olympic dreams (from Taylor), free climbing perilous peaks (from Weeks) and becoming CEO of your own company at 25 years old (from Scott). By the end I’m in a very different physical and mental space. It’s like magic, only, without any actual magic at all.” Lucy Fry – The Sunday Telegraph

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Mike Weeks

With clients ranging from A-list celebrities in LA to trauma victims in the slums of Haiti and drug addicts on the streets of London, Mike is one of the world’s most extreme change agents. He is an elite climber, who for many years went rope-free on rock faces around the world. Mike is also a successful TV and Film producer, and the creator of ‘Jack Osbourne- Adrenaline Junkie’.

Daryll Scott

Daryll is an entrepreneur with a string of successful businesses both past and present. He works as a change agent for several large organisations and for several years ran a private therapy practice taking on ‘impossible’ cases. He is a developer in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has authored four books, including one for children.

Leon Taylor

Leon is an Olympic Silver Medallist (Athens 2004) and invented the world’s most difficult dive. In addition to his achievements, he has been a mentor to Tom Dayley and 2012 Triple Paralympic Gold Medallist Sophie Christiansen OBE. His first book ‘Mentor’ was released in 2010. Leon is also a BBC Sports Commentator and a judge on ITV’s ‘Splash’.


Fri, 23 Jun 2017, 08:00 - Sat, 24 Jun 2017, 15:30


The Tabernacle,

The Tabernacle 34-35 Powis Square London W11 2AY



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