The Human Machine Interface – How we got here, and where we’re going next

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After kicking off our 2021 innovation series with “Digital Product Innovation – Simple is Hard” we’re excited to bring you our next session:

About this event
From the humble desktop to touch screens, virtual assistants, 3D engines and augmented reality, Conjure’s CEO and founding partner, Sam Clark explores the trends and innovations in interface design, from the last decade through to the interface of the future.

Through the lens of HMI development in the automotive sector, we will discuss how a plethora of other business verticals can capitalize on the shifting trends in both technologies and user expectations. Based on Conjure’s decade of experience living and breathing the world of interfaces, applications and connected devices, Sam will share his thoughts on how to stay ahead of a rapidly moving market.

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In this session

From Games to Cars

Sam will look at how 3D gaming engines became the go-to environments for vehicle interfaces, and how the current crop of tools present both challenges and opportunities to HMI designers.

Design Trends to Input Mechanisms

We’ll explore the roots of modern interface design, before examining how the plethora of new input options (think voice and gesture) can work in synergy to create unique and intuitive experiences.

A Major Land Grab

With HMI moving beyond vehicles and across technologies, we’ll then explore the role that the biggest tech behemoths will play in the coming years, and how they’ll compete to own experiences beyond just the desktop and smartphone.

A Changing Future

We’ll close with Sam’s predictions for the next 5 years of HMI design and development, how the role of HMI will move closer to the core of nearly every business vertical, and how designers will evolve with changing time.

Who is this briefing suitable for?

Senior Leaders, Heads of Design, Heads of Innovation, Heads of Digital, Heads of Customer Experience, Heads of Strategy, Product Owners, UI or UX designers, or anyone looking to understand where the world of HMI is heading.



The workshop will be led by:

Sam Clark, CEO at Conjure.

Sam Clark is the CEO and founder of interface design and development agency Conjure. Sam began his career in web-design before moving to mobile application design with the launch of the iPhone. Since then he has worked across nearly every sector creating apps and interfaces for the likes of Ford, Lego, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Epic Games and the NHS.


Tue, 10 Aug 2021
09:00 - 10:00





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