The Future of Manufacturing: Building Resilience through Digital Transformation

Posted by Eugenio Rampinelli

As the world re-emerges from the global Covid-19 pandemic, nations and communities are resolved to work harder to protect themselves, as best they can, from the prospect of future global shocks and disruptions.

Here in the UK, the Government is supporting business through its ‘Build Back Better’ initiative as industry leaders look to leap forward to recover lost ground. Not all firms survived or will survive, yet some were resilient and able to up their production in face of increased demand during the pandemic. So what does it take to be resilient?

Manufacturing plays a vital role in securing the UK’s future prosperity and providing the products and services the UK needs to get through any future global shocks. But manufactures recognise that they need to be more resilient and have the capability to weather future storms.

Digital transformation is a key to building greater resilience across industry but what tools are available and how should they be implemented effectively?

Building on the legacy of recent shocks and disruptions, this webinar will discuss how you can build a more resilient business with insights from a diverse set of perspectives and how digital transformation can help.

What does it take to become more resilient?
How can digital technologies play a part in providing greater certainty and flexibility to improve your business resilience?
How should you go about implementing digital transformation and what help is available from the UK Government?
The webinar will begin with a short presentation and introductions from our panel which include an SME manufacturer, a leading digital platform and tools provider, a leading academic in the field of manufacturing resilience and the Head of Manufacturing at HMG Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with plenty of time for your questions in our Q&A session.


Paul Calver

Chairman and CFO, the Data Analysis Bureau Ltd
Member of the IET Design and Manufacturing Panel

Paul started his career at BAE Systems in the early 1980’s designing spacecraft control systems before moving to Cobham Plc where he ran group aerospace manufacturing companies in the UK and USA. For nine years Paul worked as an Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Specialist for HMG Department for International Trade and is founding Chairman of a Chinese and Vietnamese based manufacturing company. In 2017 Paul co-founded of The Data Analysis Bureau Ltd that provides AI and ML Industry 4.0 solutions which is now CFO and Chairman.

Mandy Ridyard

Co-owner and Financial Director
Produmax Limited

Mandy has completely transformed the culture of this award-winning aerospace engineering business and helped shape its impressive growth through leadership, engagement, and the adoption of new technology. Her innovative thinking had helped crown Produmax as national SME of the Year from MAKE UK. Working as Chair of Space Hub Yorkshire and Co-Chair of the Local Digital Skills Partnership as well as positions on the LEP, Bradford Economic Recovery Board and Bradford Sustainable Development Partnership she contributes to key initiatives and concerns on a regional basis.

Rik Irons-Mclean

Industry Director
Microsoft UK

Rik leads Microsoft’s industry strategy across manufacturing, energy and resources in the UK. Responsibilities include working with the government and regulators, industry bodies, industry partners, and largest customers to ensure Microsoft enables sectoral needs. Rik sits on multiple industry boards for energy, manufacturing, research, digital twins and digital skills. His focus areas include the energy transition, sustainability, cyber security and digital technologies for operational environments.

Dr Mukesh Kumar

Head of the Industrial Resilience Research Group at the Institute for Manufacturing, 

University of Cambridge.

Industrial resilience is a multidisciplinary research group that focuses on how manufacturing can become more resilient at the factory, supply network and industrial system levels. By investigating the relationship between products, processes and location, Mukesh aims to identify and evaluate risk, develop mitigations, and build resilience in a wide range of industrial sectors. He finished in PhD in 2010 and selected for the Cambridge University Lectureship in Operations Management in 2016. He works closely with industry and academic institutions in the UK, US and India. This follows an early career in the financial industry where he was responsible for corporate evaluation of investment decisions made by manufacturing companies.

Clare Porter

Head of Manufacturing for the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Clare has led the cross-cutting manufacturing policy team for the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy since 2014. Priorities include developing the UK’s position as a leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution through Made Smarter-the UK’s Industrial Digitalisation programme; Strengthening UK Supply Chain Capability and leading international engagement to identify opportunities for collaboration. Clare worked with industry to produce the Made Smarter Review, published in 2017 and leads work for the department to deliver its ambitions through government policy, including by working with other government departments. Clare’s team works with a range of stakeholders including industry, trade bodies, technology institutions, including the catapult network, local partners and academics to ensure that government policy meets business need. 


Clare started working for BEIS in 2011 when she helped establish Local Enterprise Partnerships in the South East of England. She has led on Growth Deal policy including the development of the local growth fund model and led work to develop the local growth chapter of the Heseltine Review. 


Clare joined the civil service in 2002 and has worked across a number of government departments and policy areas including counter terrorism, community cohesion, 2012 Olympics and UK drug policy.  Before joining the civil service Clare worked for Metropolitan Housing Trust as a contracts manager and housing officer.



Thu, 13 May 2021
12:00 - 13:00


City of London




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