The Future of Clothing is Connected – With Prevayl CEO, Adam Crofts

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Prevayl, founded in 2019 by Adam Crofts and David Newns had a vision, the aim to revolutionise the connected clothing industry through a design-led approach.

Crofts will be sharing exclusively, his experience of bringing his vision into fruition and his aims of changing the athleisure industry as we know it. Along with offering event members access to Prevayl’s exclusive soft launch in July.

The experience of wearing clothes that you look and feel great in, is paramount to our mission”. – Adam Crofts, CEO.

Conventionally, connected clothing has a lot of issues. Design is off-putting and outdated, the electrodes used within garments are clunky and hard to incorporate into everyday wardrobes and lives, and the technology too often takes precedent over the design.

Prevayl’s solution?

To bring seamlessly integrated technology into fabrics and everyday garments. To create and provide garments that people look good and feel great in.

What you see today?

Everyday garments expertly crafted and integrated with technology, with the ability to take greater, more accurate, and insightful data.


Adam Crofts

Prevayl CEO


Thu, 18 Mar 2021
11:00 - 12:00


LinkedIn Live event 


Prevayl ® are a purpose-driven connected clothing company, disrupting, revolutionising and driving the wearables industry through seamlessly integrated smart clothing.
Prevayl helps people optimise health, performance and recovery through connected clothing. Creating actionable insights derived from the body’s response to physical and mental demands.

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