Service Design Network Scotland Meet Up – Theme: Failure

Posted by Ian Crawford

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The next Service Design Network event in Scotland on Tuesday 24th July in Glasgow is all about ‘Failure’.

Failure is inevitable. We often experience it in our personal and professional lives and yet we often fear, omit or deny talking about it. This session will shine a light on failure from different perspectives. Hear from four excellent, insightful and honest speakers sharing their own thoughts in four short 15-20 minute presentations.

There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions, meet new people and grab a drink before and/or after the discussions.

These sessions aim to provide a forum for our members, the wider Service Design community and anybody who’s interested to present ideas, hear from influential and inspirational speakers and catch up with other people in the field over a beverage.

This is a non-profit event. We’re asking for £5 to secure a seat and cover our hosting costs – as well as ensuring we organise the right volume of networking fluid.


Sarah Drummond, Co-founder and Managing Director of Snook, an award-winning global design studio on a mission to design a world that works better for people. Daily, Sarah is the CEO of Snook and a serial idea generator. Throughout her career, Sarah has always championed the use of design as a force for public good, focussing on embedding design inside organisations to build their capacity to design services that work for people. From retailers like Tesco to critical support services like Samaritans, Sarah and her team work hard to ensure that organisations don’t fail their users.

Sarah’s talk, ‘What do we mean by failure?’, will unpack where and how failure occurs, who it impacts and what it leads to.

Rebecca Marron, Systems Thinking Coach in Lloyds Banking Group Human Centred Design Team. She works alongside Product Owners, Service Designers, Agile Coaches and Design Researchers to help unlock the true value-based impact that a Transformation Team can have for customers and the business.

We are looking forward to hearing Rebecca’s perspective on how Failure plays a part in the dynamics of any large organisation as well as how Service Design and Systems Thinking have been working together inside LBG to improve the end to end journey for their customers.

Ian Crawford, Digital Strategist at Equator, Scotland’s largest independent agency. He’s an award-winning Service Designer with over 10 years of marketing experience client-side, agency-side and as a visiting Product/Service Design tutor at GSA.

Ian’s talk will focus on averting failure during projects and what service designers can learn from scientists.

Leah Lockhart, Service Designer & User Researcher at Snook.

Leah will discuss being open about ‘failure’, psychological safety and how we might create or insist on the creation of conditions where service design can thrive in environments where the risk (and perceived risk) of failure is higher than usual.

The panel discussion will be  chaired by Martin Dowson, Head of Customer Labs at LBG.


Tue, 24 Jul 2018
16:00 - 20:00


Sparck, 300 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4LH,

Sparck, 300 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4LH



Ian Crawford

Digital Strategist, Equator

Ian Crawford has been a BIMA member since 24th October 2019.

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