React London 2017

Posted by Cain Ullah

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Red Badger is launching a new conference focused on React in London for 2017 – we’re calling it React London 2017.

We’re bringing together some great speakers and events – get involved.



Tue, 28 Mar 2017
07:30 - 20:00


QEII Centre, Westminster,



Cain Ullah

CEO, Red Badger

My responsibilities include company-wide strategy, culture, sales and marketing. I’m extremely proud of Red Badger’s people and I’m focused on scaling while maintaining quality and a lovely culture in the team. In a former life, I was a delivery guy too, helping large organisations to deliver world- leading digital products. With Stu and Dave, I have grown Red Badger to be a 100+ person company in less than seven years, working with huge brands to help them deliver digital products that make a difference to their customers, powered with cutting-edge tech.

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