Online Masterclass – How to create a compelling Agency Positioning

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Now’s the time to plan and put your agency in the best possible position.

We are here to empower and mentor you to be better at attracting and winning new clients and projects. And that starts with your positioning!

We believe that our industry is often driven by fear; a fear of telling the emotional and honest story behind your agency and a fear of putting your flag in the sand and target a well defined audience, as opposed to just anyone. Our straight-talking and honest approach to agency growth is driven by our desire to help agencies like you differentiate themselves in a cluttered, highly competitive market place.

We’ll help you define your brand and sales messaging to align your key stakeholders, and communicate the rational and emotional reasons your audience/s should buy into you.

Some of the areas we delve into are:

  • The process of coming up with a positioning
  • Your back story and why you exist
  • Your beliefs, philosophies and culture
  • Defining your personality and tone of voice
  • What do you do and the challenges you solve
  • How you do it and your approach
  • Who you do it for and defining your audience
  • Crafting an elevator pitch
  • How to handle objections and know your competitors
  • Marketing and sales ideas to bring it to life
  • Internal communications

Templates, tools and best practice documents will be provided to help you start making practical changes immediately and the session will be as interactive as possible.

A recording of this event will also be available On-Demand if you cannot attend. Simply register as normal.

Who should sign up?

  • Business owners / Founders / Managing Directors of Agencies or high-level business development people who want to grow their agency and require a robust strategy to do so.
  • Independent agencies sized up to 100 people
  • People who are brave, honest, straight-talking, empathetic, authentic and willing to be vulnerable

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Tue, 02 Jun 2020
09:00 - 12:00


City of London




Gray Matters

We follow 3 steps to build the foundation of your new business machine

  1. Create a compelling and authentic positioning
  2. Design a new business and marketing strategy
  3. Work with us to execute your strategy


How we do it…

  • Help you discover your brand purpose and determine a vision
  • Align your leadership and internal culture
  • Build new business and marketing strategies to increase awareness and leads Implement new systems, processes and KPIs to help manage and track your growth
  • Provide hands-on support and mentoring through a team of experts


The key to effective sales is honesty.

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