‘Martech’ showcase event: Start-ups every marketer should work with

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BIMA & The Friday Club present a ‘Martech’ showcase event: ‘Start-ups every marketer should work with’

This event will take place as an interactive online session. To ensure networking doesn’t suffer, we’ll make sure any online session will still enable you to connect with speakers and your fellow attendees.


Whilst almost everyone agrees that partnering with innovative early stage companies is a must for any brand to stay competitive in today’s business landscape, one aspect of applying this remains incredibly hard to get right: finding the right start-ups, at the right stage in their growth. A common mistake made is that start-ups are engaged too early when structurally they unable to cope with the lengthy processes of a corporate or the scale of their demands to deliver across multiple brands, geographies and timelines. For these reasons, the partnership is often doomed before it has started and all parties leave disappointed and bruised from the outcome.


At the Friday Club, we’ve spent the last 7 years meeting and helping some of the very best start-ups from marketing and beyond and it has given us an attuned sense of when companies are ready to engage with corporate partners. So for our May 2020 event, the Friday Club has joined forces with BIMA to presentsome of the very best up and coming start-ups helping to drive the discipline of marketing forward.

The format will be simple with short pitches from 8-10 start-ups including opportunities for audience questions and debate on the salient topics. In our selection of companies we will aim to cover a wide spectrum of marketing needs, so whatever your particular innovation needs might be, we hope to present content relevant to you.


The event will be most relevant to brand directors, marketing directors and heads of data within corporations, as well as agency group heads and planning directors. Tickets are free for BIMA members or £30 + VAT for non-members. To get your BIMA Member discount code email events@bima.co.uk.

We very much look forward to seeing you there.

Team FCL/Team BIMA

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Fri, 15 May 2020
10:00 - 11:30


Phoenix Court ,

2 Brill Place, London, NW1 1DX




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