Make something you love with Iona Inglesby


About the series.

Make something you love is a series of talks by makers, for makers, about the art of creating something out of nothing. Hosted by Huge, this semi-regular series of events comes with pizza, beer and inspiration. Come hang with us and our friends for an hour or two.

About the speaker.

Iona Inglesby is a designer by training and genetics obsessive by coincidence, forging a career at the cross section of these fields and spending the last 3 years building her consumer genetics start-up, Dot One. Listed as one of the most influential Londoners in the Evening Standard Progress 1000 Science and Technology sector, she’s passionate about using design to educate people about their most personal data…their DNA.

Iona launched Dot One as a way of getting science out of the lab and into the public domain in an accessible and design-led way. Alongside sharing her unintended startup story she’ll delve into the explosion of the consumer genetics market, and its many applications from skincare to fitness… to even wine preference(!), as well as highlighting some of the pioneering advancements in healthcare and what a DNA personalised future looks like for us.


Thu, 30 Aug 2018
17:30 - 20:00


Huge, 69 Wilson Street, EC2A 2BB,

Huge London



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