Keeping it Real with Gen Z

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Gen Z has broken many norms. Not only is it the largest, most diverse and soon to be most educated generation to date, it is also the first truly mobile and social native generation. And it is safe to say Gen Z is also not afraid of tackling big issues head-on, nor shaking up gender norms.

But who is this up-and-coming generation, really? How is this group different? What are their key motivators in life? Which ideas do they stand by or reject? How do they behave, and why?

In Conversations That Matter–Keeping it Real with Gen Z, our speakers from Social.Lab, Awie Arasmus and Nurya Doorenbos, will grasp Gen Z in all its shapes and sizes (and gender non-conformity), and answer the question: Who is Gen Z really?


Awie Erasmus

Regional Planning Director (Ogilvy)


Nurya Doorenbos

Junior Strategic Planner (Ogilvy)


Thu, 26 Nov 2020
15:00 - 16:00


Online Webinar,
City of London

Online webinar




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