How I opened up a global football giants’ public data with a GraphQL API

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Open APIs can be immensely powerful – by enabling data connectivity they can power innovation and creativity, allowing anyone from huge businesses to individual developers to build new products and services.

In this session, AND Digital’s Matt Adams will discuss how he designed an API to open up data from one of the world’s largest football clubs. He’ll explain how his project opens up a huge range of opportunities for developers to leverage the available data in their own projects.

Matt will discuss building the API with software such as KrakenD API Gateway and Cognito, Facebook’s powerful query language GraphQL, and NGINX. He’ll also explain how the API platform will form a basis for engineers to innovate and develop new applications, demonstrating how these emerging technologies can unlock amazing business – or even just creative – opportunities.

Join for unique insights on why open source technologies are crucial for driving forward the possibilities of a rich and diverse API ecosystem.

This session is part of AND Digital’s and ScotlandIS’ Tech Week. Running from 18th-22nd October, Tech Week will feature Scotland’s best and brightest tech talents, who will showcase our dynamic digital sector and discuss the issues that matter in the industry today.


🗓 Topics Covered 🗓

• Welcome & intro
• Day 2 day at AND
• Thoughts behind the project
• Graph QL & the challenges behind it
• Authentication with AWS
• Hosting using Docker
• Using an API gateway for rate limiting
• Q&A


About Matt Adams

Squad Lead AND Wellbeing Warrior

Matt is a Squad Lead in our Edinburgh Club Somerville. He is also a product developer who has worked across a number of sectors including Media, Energy, and Aviation. He has always had a passion for technology and always adjusting and looking at new opportunities maintaining a level of pragmatism. He is a mental health first aider and champions mental wellness and fitness in the workplace.



Tue, 19 Oct 2021
09:00 - 09:45






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