Great Expectations – Closing the Client / Agency Divide

BIMA North West | DPM Community Event

Join us for our fourth BIMA DPM event in the North West where our thoughts turn to the differences between managing digital projects within an agency and on the client-side. In particular, we’re exploring how the client and agency worlds and priorities differ and what DPMs on both sides of the divide can learn from each other.

Great Expectations – Closing the Client / Agency divide

Join us as we hear what it is like to cross the great client-agency divide as a DPM, and to come back again, as our speaker did. Is it so different? Do we want, and worry, about the same things? Are the pressures and expectations the same? And how do we close the perceived divide? Find out this and more …

Supported by: Mando

Refreshments will be provided.


Rachel Shah is DPM at Reason – She is passionate about DPM, training and development, writing about DPM, and cats. Rachel has won several awards for her project work and is a regular on DPM conference circuit.


Mon, 12 Mar 2018
18:00 - 20:00


Mando, 5 St. Paul's Square, Liverpool L3 9SJ,
North West

The Old Hall Cotton Exchange Liverpool L3 9LQ



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