FREE online masterclass ‘How to make difficult conversations a natural part of your leadership’

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📣 WE ARE BACK with our FINAL difficult conversations masterclass of 2023.

We thought the last masterclass was going to be our last of the year but we have recently discovered LinkedIn Live Events and wanted to take this opportunity to test it out.

As a result, we have decided to offer one more FREE masterclass on how to make difficult conversations a natural part of your leadership.

You will discover how to:

🔥 Build your confidence and take action
🔥 Learn to navigate difficult conversations and be comfortable with being uncomfortable through a simple reframe that will make it easier to take action
🔥Be present even if it gets hard
🔥Discover what to do when the response isn’t what you expected and how to navigate to a positive outcome

If you want to achieve higher performance in yourself and your team then click to register and join us on Thursday 10th Aug at 10am.

See you there👋

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Joanne Howes

Joanna Howes is the founder and CEO of The Change Creators. She is an award winning international coach, behavioural expert, and No 1 best selling international co-author, who specialises in leadership and performance coaching across the creative industries. She helps leaders and teams to activate their full potential within themselves and the business.

Joanna’s passion is to create change with a people-first approach, and has already created a huge impact in building future-ready leaders and teams by equipping them with the essential mindset, behaviors and skills they need to lead successfully into the future.

Joanna is a unique phenomenon within her industry, with over 20 years’ experience working internationally with some of the world’s most awarded advertising agencies and leading them to build high-performing teams and results. Her blend of both innovative operational and transformative change solutions empowers organisations to create environments that are supportive and fearless for their employees.


Thu, 10 Aug 2023
10:00 - 11:00


City of London



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The Change Creators

At The Change Creators we grow leaders, connect teams and create work environments to be the ultimate future-fit business. 

We create change with a ‘people first’ approach.

We believe when you invest in people, they, in turn, invest in you and your business. When you forge structures, grow leadership skills, build and develop the way people work, you will see how they come together to create genuine progress.

Our methodologies blend mindsets, behaviours and skills to make the change you need actually work.
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