Experiment Driven Networking: The AND Experimentation Meetup

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AND Digital and SiteSpect have partnered to present a session with a twist: In this fireside chat we are going to answer all the tricky experimentation questions you’ve always wanted to ask, so you don’t have to!

Who is this event for?
Experimentation is key to innovating your customer experience, but right now there’s a cliff edge approaching as key tools like Google Optimize are being sunset. Many teams are in the position of replacing their current tool or choosing a new tool from scratch.

You might be running an RFP to replace a tool that doesn’t meet your needs, or are stuck paying for a tool you don’t need or can’t afford.

Whether you are choosing an experimentation tool for the first time and don’t know where to start, or you are waiting to be convinced by the right tool, this session is for you.

What is the event about?
On 12 July, AND Digital’s Chief for Technology Evolution, Paul Edwards will run a fireside chat with Paul Bernier: VP of Product Management at SiteSpect, a customer experience testing, personalisation and optimisation partner. During the chat we’ll put the team at SiteSpect on the spot with some tough questions!

Together, they’ll be unpicking the technical aspects of experimentation and asking…

  • What are the challenges of experimentation and how do you overcome them?
  • How do you choose the right experimentation tools?
  • What are the challenges and hidden costs of switching?
  • How do you de-risk the process?

Join us for this informal meet up. There’ll be lots of networking over a pre-event cocktail hour, and followed with drinks/beer and pizza too. Vegetarian and non-alcoholic options provided.

What else do you need to know?
This event is ideal for anyone interested in either growing their network within the Data, BI/Analytics, CRO or Data Science and Data Engineering community, or learning about one of the key topics necessary to create data-driven customer centric products.

Come along to learn a new or unfamiliar topic, network within your own area of expertise, find like-minded specialists or help each other find a new and exciting challenge in life.

This event is co-sponsored by AND Digital and SiteSpect, however, the session content will be tool/agency agnostic and we promise it will not feel salesy.

This is a paid event, but why?

We’ll be using the money from tickets to cover drinks and food, any money left over we will put to charitable use or help someone to attend the event who otherwise could not attend.


Ellie Hughes: Managing Consultant AND Experimentation Ninja

Ellie has over 10 years experience in the experimentation industry. In that time, she has enabled businesses to ship experiments at scale and create more value from their experimentation programmes.

Recent achievements include:

 – WON Agency Experimenter of the Year and Financial Services Campaign of the Year at the Experimentation Elite Awards for her experimentation work at AND Digital
 – Been a FINALIST for the Experimentation Culture Awards 2022
 – Been listed in the top 20 Must-Know CROs of 2022 by Experiment Nation

Paul Edwards: Chief for Technology Evolution AND Sports Coach

As AND’s Chief for Technology Evolution, Paul works to ensure we adopt the right engineering culture, capabilities and technical skills so that our ANDis can continue to deliver remarkable outcomes for our clients.

He advocates for the evolution of Technology and Engineering practices across AND Digital, and is focused on accelerating business value by understanding new and emerging tech and how to apply innovation to delivering value and opportunities for our clients.

Paul Bernier: VP of Product Management at SiteSpect, Inc.

As Vice President of Product Management at SiteSpect, Paul oversees the ongoing development of the product vision and strategy. He focuses on solving the next generation of online business challenges with optimization and recommendation products. Business-oriented thinking with a strong technical background, Paul collaborates with customers, business stakeholders, sales, engineers, and designers to bring products to market. Prior to SiteSpect, he led successful web analytics implementations for large B2B and B2C organizations and built the analytics practice for an agency. Paul holds an MSC in eCommerce from HEC Montreal Business School and a Computer Science degree from Sherbrooke University, Canada.


Wed, 12 Jul 2023
17:00 - 19:00


LABS Victoria House Bloomsbury Square London WC1B 4DA,
City of London

LABS Victoria House Bloomsbury Square London WC1B 4DA



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