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Educating clients in the commercial realities of their approach to delivery

There’s always been a conundrum that exists within the client and agency world.

How do you manage the service delivery triangle that is Quality, Scope and Cost?

Whilst everyone will have their own success and war stories of how they’ve navigated the balance so far, the world of delivery has evolved and with it comes an increasing conflict between, quality and, primarily, scope and cost.

So how do we ensure the smooth sailing of our clients and ourselves in adapting to new ways of working, all the while helping them understand the impact on achieving the right balance of the three-pronged holy grail?

If you work in Client Services or Project Management and have heard the phrase ‘This is not what I was expecting’, or had difficult conversations with disgruntled clients about the management of scope and expectations around change requests, then come along to the open session to hear how others have tackled similar issues and to share your own experiences – good and bad.

We’ll have a small panel who will be on hand to offer their insight, learn from your stories and answer any questions posed:

Ian Nutt, Head of Delivery, AmazeRealise

Ria Hamilton, Head of Client Services, Mando


Mon, 20 May 2019
16:30 - 18:00


North West

Neo Charlotte Street Manchester M1 4ET



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