Client Services Breakfast | Manchester | Engendering our Future Client Service Superstars

Engendering our future Client Service superstars

In our Client Service breakfast briefings to date, we’ve looked at how we can more readily attribute value to what we do, how we can effectively measure the happiness of our clients and how to build out a Client Service offering itself.

It’s notable that an important influence on the success that can be achieved is the happiness and capabilities of Client Service teams themselves.

So, our next session focuses on how we can nurture our colleagues and peers to engender a confident, knowledgeable and empowered cohort of Client Service superstars.

We’ll be looking at answering common questions such as:

– ‘Can you really ‘train’ someone to be a natural Client Service ambassador?’

– ‘What are the most important traits to foster?’

– ‘What are the options open to agencies in terms of development?’

– ‘How do you create a case for the potential investment?’

It’ll be an open forum for discussion.


We’ll be joined by Caroline Pankhurst, founder of Be Braver, who will bring to the table her experience of agency team development, a view on the support available from industry bodies and her insights as an independent mentor and coach.


Wed, 27 Jun 2018
07:30 - 09:00


North West

AmazeRealise 6th Floor 1 Tony Wilson Place Manchester M15 4FN



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