Charities in Need: The State of Website Performance in the Third Sector

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In a recent BIMA survey, produced by our Charities Council we surveyed over 400 charities of varying sizes. Our objective was to establish how successful charities are at creating best practice websites. The results are very interesting.

In this event we’ll be sharing report’s findings, the implications for the industry, and how the sector can address the issues raised.


This is a critical time for the charity sector. Post-lockdown, many charities will be pinning their hopes on the ability of their websites to drive donations. Yet a new report for the BIMA Charities Council shows that a sector already in crisis is poorly placed to use digital as a way of bouncing back:

• Fewer than 2% of audited charities achieved an ‘excellent’ rating

• 41% received a ‘fail’ or lower

• 11% of charities had no website at all

• Almost 1 in 10 had no mobile version of their website


For many charities, the pandemic has turned the issue of income from a constant challenge to an existential threat. As the UK leaves lockdown, the survival of charities will rely heavily on their ability to leverage technology and their online capabilities. So how well is the sector equipped to manage?

In a first-of-its-kind study by Pixeled Eggs for the BIMA Charities Council, Charities in Need: The State of Website Performance in the Third Sector audited 411 small and mid-sized charities in the UK and assessed how well they achieve digital best practice on their websites.

This event will contrast the performance of charities delivering an excellent user experience, with those that are adding unnecessary digital barriers to people wanting to use their services, or donate to their cause.

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Wed, 23 Sep 2020
10:00 - 11:00


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