BIMA x WP Engine Hangout: Winning the Generational Divide Post-Pandemic

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Understanding how different generations have responded to recent rapid digital transformation opens up a wealth of opportunities.

Millennials and Gen Z are already a powerful economic force. And after two years of rapid digital transformation, as the economy recovers, these digital natives and their influence grows every day.

Globally Millennials and Gen Z’s have a combined $143 billion spending power and companies wanting a share of that, will need to create new customer engagement experiences powered by responsive, modern, scalable businesses and technology.

Understanding and winning Gen Z and Millennials now leads to winning every other generation, too. Failing to adapt to these influential trendsetters at this critical time puts not only them at risk as drivers of growth but established customers, too.

Join Alexandria Butler as she and a panel of experts from the worlds of social media, influencer marketing and app development, discuss how Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, and Boomers have changed their relationship with digital. 

Speaker details:

Alexandria Butler, Senior Partner Manager at WP Engine

Alexandria Butler is a Senior Partner Manager at WP Engine within the International team, focused on ensuring the growth and success of our agency partnerships. Alexandria has 7+ years of experience in the tech space and has spent many years working in creative tech with clients including Unilever, Nestlé and Adidas. She is based in London and claims it to be the best city in the world!

Emma -Jane Hornsby, Digital Strategist at Flipside Group

Emma Jane is a Digital Strategist at Flipside Group, specialising in customer behaviour and behaviour change.

She has experience working across a range of projects from loyalty schemes and e-commerce through to digital behaviour change programmes. She has recently completed user testing for a social-shopping platform.

EJ is a firm believer in using design thinking and human centric design to drive collaborative ways of working ensuring that the end user is always at the heart of what we create.

Callum McCahon, Executive Strategy Director & Partner at Born Social

Callum is Executive Strategy Director & Partner at Born Social, where he oversees the strategic output across the agency, working with some of the world’s most ambitious brands to harness the chaos of social media.

Callum is known for his thinking on the role that social media plays in building the brands of tomorrow, authoring ‘Brand Building on Social Media’ – a white paper showing how social media can be used for long term brand growth, not just short term results. More recently, he has published ‘The Social-First Brand’, a blueprint for the brands of tomorrow.

Callum has been featured in the Campaign 30 under 30 and BIMA 100 lists, and has been published in The Guardian, Campaign, and WARC on the role that social media plays in brand building.

Emma Wills, Senior Account Director at SEEN Connects

Emma Wills is a Senior Account Director at SEEN Connects, an innovative influencer marketing agency that harnesses the power of advocacy to generate impact for brands. SEEN Connects develop real relationships between brands and influencers, to create authentic content that drives genuine consumer connections.


Thu, 03 Feb 2022
15:00 - 16:00


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