BIMA #ThirstDayEdin 3rd Birthday Party | Aug | Edinburgh

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BIMA #ThirstdayEdin events turn 3 years old in August and what a fantastic 3 years of get-togethers!

Standard Life will be hosting us for these celebrations and I know this is one you won’t want to miss – they have got some great stuff planned for us all. 

We also have BIMA’s Managing Director, Bridget Beale joining us for this special party! 

A bit about our hosts:



Standard Life is a well-established but innovative savings and investment specialist. The company has embraced digital to make finanical decisions easy by being helpful and engaging for it’s customers.

With a legacy of almost 200 years of providing financial expertise and with around 6 million customers worldwide, we work with the best agencies and partners around the world to lead in our industry.

Wherever Standard Life operates in the world, it is motivated by a sense of responsibility, which helps it to be a sustainable business, focused on building a more prosperous world for our customers and society as a whole.              


Our #ThirstdayEdin Alliance for 2015 – here’s a bit more information.


1st drink of the evening is on the sponsors Thereafter non-BIMA members will need to purchase any further beverages. 

On arrival you will be required to check-in where you will receive a name badge.


Thu, 06 Aug 2015
18:00 - 22:00



20 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2AN


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