BIMA Senior Leaders Roundtable Yorkshire – Mental Health

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A practical, forward thinking & interactive session focusing on the challenges presented by the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Online Only Event: We will send you a meeting link once you sign up .


What’s the state of mental health in our businesses right now? What’s happening across Yorkshire? And how can you prepare your people (and yourself) for what happens next?

In this Senior Leaders’ Roundtable for July, Adam McNichol, Founder at Well Good, will help you understand the stresses and emotions at play in your business and provide some tips and tools to help you prepare for a mental health ‘new normal’.


We’ve all seen the reports. Depression and anxiety tripled during the pandemic. Yet we also know that everyone’s experience was different. For senior leaders who’ve been trying to manage the divergence of mental health experiences within the workplace while attempting to look after their own mental health, it’s easy to feel as though we’re simply not equipped for this.

If you’ve felt a little out of your depth in supporting teams that have become a little less resilient, a little more fragile or a little more unpredictable over the past 18 months, Adam McNichol is here to offer help.

We’ll also give you the opportunity to find out more about BIMA and talk with other BIMA members from across Yorkshire. Ian Finch, MD of Mando and chair of BIMA in the North will be joining us to share his vision and he’ll be keen to get your input and feedback

Limited to 12 attendees to allow for discussion. Please only sign up if your business is based in Yorkshire. Chatham House Rules apply and places are strictly limited to one per organisation. We hope you can make it.

Your data is important to us and we’re committed to protecting it. We have updated our policy to make it easy for you to understand your choices and the control you have over your data. Please review here.


Thu, 15 Jul 2021
10:30 - 11:30


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