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Join BIMA’s newly formed Paid Social Council to discuss how it will work and feel out interest for joining.

On 28 November, the BIMA Paid Social Council commences with a landmark roundtable discussion. If you’re an integral part of the paid social sphere and possess a desire to shape its trajectory, your participation in the council can make it possible. For brands, non-profits, agencies, or academic entities aiming to deeply understand paid social dynamics and its advantages, the council offers direct access to seasoned professionals and the most up-to-date insights. Engage with us to delve into the current state of the industry, envision its future directions, and discern the benefits awaiting you.

Why? Regardless of whether your enterprise revolves around media purchasing (PPC, programmatic/display, paid social) or relies on owned media (SEO), a unified objective bindsus: decoding the means to optimize outcomes in a domain that is perpetually evolving and consistently pushing boundaries. The Paid Social Council is dedicated to sifting through the myriad of information to pinpoint and mold the trends that hold genuine promise.

Helena Taylor, Paid Social Lead, Space & Time

Helena Taylor is the Paid Social Lead at Space & Time, an award-winning agency with 5 offices across the UK, and founder of the BIMA Social Council. Leveraging over a decade of experience across a range of clients and verticals including B2B and pharmaceuticals, Helena leads the capability, revenue growth, and performance of paid social across the agency, contributing to the wider value of the business through new business and employee wellbeing.Accredited in TikTok, X, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn and directly managing a team of twelve, Helena also regularly contributes to industry-related news and thought leadership, having been published in The Drum, Econsultancy, BIMA and others.

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Tue, 28 Nov 2023
10:00 - 11:00


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