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Curated by BIMA Inclusive Design Council


What is inclusive design? How do you do it? And what are its benefits?

In a masterclass for designers and all practitioners involved in creating products and services, join members of BIMA’s Inclusive Design Council to find the answers.


Inclusive design and technologies are essential to creating a more inclusive digital world. But if we are to feel more confident in selling and championing that world we need to better understand what inclusive design really means.

This masterclass will help build that understanding.


BIMA’s Inclusive Design Council was established to drive understanding of the importance of inclusive design, and equip individuals and organisations with the knowledge, skills and desire to design experiences for everyone.

Our Speakers: The Inclusive Design Council members – learn about their background & experience here.

Emma Goddard, Inclusive Design Lead at Deloitte Digital, BIMA Inclusive Design Council Chair.

Emma is a User Experience Designer at Deloitte Digital, specialising in Inclusive Design & Accessibilty. Emma is deeply passionate about Inclusive design and believes that by designing with excluded communities, we not only create products that allow everyone to participate equally in the digital world – we challenge ourselves to think differently, improving products for all users and spurring innovative ideas. Emma specialises in how to embed accessible practices and inclusive mindsets in large scale digital transformations – from conducting research with vulnerable people, through to detailed design and development.

Matt Roberts, Lead Digital Designer and User Experience Manager at Sightsavers

Matt is the Lead Digital Designer and User Experience Manager at Sightsavers, a non-governmental organisation that works in developing countries to treat and prevent avoidable blindness and promote equality for people with disabilities. His experience spans various creative disciplines, including branding, UI/UX design, iIllustration, animation and art direction, and he now focuses on accessible and inclusive design, for which he is a keen advocate. He has written for Creative Review about being a colour-blind designer, and he helped to create Sightsavers’ ‘Perspectives’ exhibition at the D&AD festival in 2018, which encouraged designers to look at the world from a different viewpoint to ensure their work is inclusive for everyone.

Neil Ayres, Global Head of Online and Design, Sightsavers

Neil is the head of Sightsavers’ web and design teams, overseeing design, content and technical functions and helping steer the charity’s brand, including ensuring inclusion and accessibility are at its heart. As well as having worked for several charities he has also worked for a number of design and technology services companies, and spent a decade in magazine publishing.

He spent his formative childhood years in Spain, experiencing life schooled in a different language and culture, and his personal experiences of the need to build a more inclusive society have been influenced by seeing how his sister, who has learning difficulties, and his autistic daughter are treated by the mainstream.

Becky Ferraro, Inclusive Desing Lead, Deloitte Digital

Becky is an inclusive designer at Deloitte Digital, working with large clients to transform the digital experiences they offer. She looks to challenge the status quo, encouraging user research with a diverse range of participants and a design approach that considers the needs of many, leading to elegant solutions that benefit all.

Becky now co-leads the inclusive design practice at Deloitte Digital, advising projects, running training to up skill others and driving innovation to solve problems that have a positive societal impact. She draws on personal experiences to tell stories and engage audiences, building a network with the desire to take action and create a more inclusive culture through design.

Kevin Mar-Molinero, Experience Technology Director at Kin and Carta Connect

Kevin Mar-Molinero, is the Experience Technology Director at Kin and Carta Connect (formerly AmazeRealise). His role incorporates Front End technology, Creative Technology, Inclusive Design and Accessibility. With ~15 years experience in the industry, Kevin has been doing accessibility on the web since the days of IE6 and making sites work without javascript, and inclusive design since the age of about 4 years old when he used to put bits of sellotape on the on switch of his blind uncles radio sets so he’d know how turn them on and off.

Most recently Kevin has done a tech talk podcast on inclusive design, and is midway through a large organisational change piece for a major FMCG client that’s included inclusive user research, personas, POUR mapping and inclusive content and component creation.

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Tue, 08 Sep 2020
10:00 - 11:00


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