BIMA and Microsoft Masterclass – Accessibility

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BIMA Masterclass- Accessibility

15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability. Yet disability remains a barrier to the adoption of tech, with virtually every metric, from comfort using the internet to use of ride hailing apps much lower among disabled users.

Yet accessibility tools for tech have never been more powerful or easier to access. So how can we do more to embed accessibility as a core development factor?

Key takeaways:

· The tools available right now:

· How accessibility benefits users and businesses

· Case studies

Our speaker:

Hector Minto, Microsoft Accessibility Evangelist

Microsoft Tech Evangelist for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Subject Matter Expert in accessibility, assistive technology and disability issues.

Previously, co-creator of the learning curve for eyegaze technology, a pedagogy for children (and often adults) to embrace technology despite complex physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities.

Specialities: Corporate Responsibility, Linking People, Sales, Sales Management, Product Launches, Public Speaking, Product Management, Market Analysis

Our host:

Emma Goddard, Inclusive Design Lead at Deloitte Digital

Emma is a User Experience Designer at Deloitte Digital, specialising in Inclusive Design & Accessibilty. Emma is deeply passionate about Inclusive design and believes that by designing with excluded communities, we not only create products that allow everyone to participate equally in the digital world – we challenge ourselves to think differently, improving products for all users and spurring innovative ideas. Emma specialises in how to embed accessible practices and inclusive mindsets in large scale digital transformations – from conducting research with vulnerable people, through to detailed design and development.

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Thu, 04 Jun 2020
10:00 - 11:00


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