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Great content is one thing. But there’s a whole other side to meetups that most of us miss: the ability to tap into the experiences of others, share your challenges and explore possibilities.

That’s what powers Lightning Networking, a new style of meetup that uses breakout rooms in Zoom to prompt new conversations. Everyone will be put in a new pair 8 times, with each round lasting 4 mins – just long enough to determine if there is a spark to follow-up on later.

Our first topic is marketing post-Covid, and we work fast – the whole event will be done in 40 minutes.

Come along and share your challenges with people just like you. You might find they’ve solved them already.


Do you regularly attend meetups but find yourself just as curious about the people as the content? Do you get frustrated and unfulfilled by the lack of dedicated time to make connections with the other participants at events?

Inspired by Liberating Structures’ ‘Impromptu Networking’, Lightning Networking is a meetup that taps into the experience, talent and curiosity of those present. It’s a way of forming loose connections that can turn into something much more potent.

And we’d love you to be part of our first session.


Lightning Networking is hosted by:

• Noel Warnell from Humble Associates :

• Jim Head from Reason :

Noel Warnell, Co-founder of

Noel is co-founder of and is an energetic facilitator who loves collaboration and bringing people together.

Jim Head, Co-founder of Reason

Jim is co-founder at and is determined and curious about continuous learning and experimentation.

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