BIMA Hangouts – New Business & Marketing in Uncertain Times

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BIMA Hangouts – A practical, forward thinking & interactive session focusing on the challenges presented by the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Online Only Event: We will send you a meeting link once you sign up .

In these sessions you’ll be able to access expert support and advice to help you manage the next few weeks/months successfully.


In this session, join Alex Goat, CEO of Livity, Will Lion, Managing Partner, Strategy at BBH London, Adam Graham, Founder of Gray Matters and Hattie Matthews, Managing Partner, Karmarma to explore what you can do now to find new business, what you need to be saying to clients, and how you can market yourselves with sentiment and not just for commercial gain.

You have a choice. You could cancel business as usual and lay low for a month or two. Or you can choose to step up to serve the human needs that require serving in new ways during the pandemic. We’re seeing that choice already being made at a product level: hotels converting their properties to makeshift hospitals. Car brands are building ventilators. Breweries are repurposing their facilities to manufacture hand sanitiser.

But it’s a choice that clearly exists at a comms and marketing level too. In an unfamiliar and uncertain time, people need to be distracted and entertained. They need to express how they feel. They need to feel that they’re a part of something much bigger. They need those things more than ever. And you are uniquely placed to serve those needs with your ideas, your budgets and your channels.

Which needs you serve are up to you. What you make, and how you make it, will have to change…but this is supposed to be the creativity business, after all.


Our Hangouts sessions cut through the rumour and misinformation and arm you with practical information you can put to work in your business. This session is essential for anyone looking to find a new direction or new options for their creative capabilities during the outbreak.

Your data is important to us and we’re committed to protecting it. We have updated our policy to make it easy for you to understand your choices and the control you have over your data. Please review here.


Wed, 01 Apr 2020
15:00 - 16:00


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