BIMA Hangouts – How Is COVID-19 Affecting Our Next Generation?

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BIMA Hangouts – A practical, forward thinking & interactive session focusing on the challenges presented by the Coronavirus Outbreak.

How Is COVID-19 Affecting Our Next Generation of Digital Workers?

In these sessions you’ll be able to access expert support and advice to help you manage the next few weeks/months successfully.


We can’t afford a lost generation. The need for fresh talent in the digital and tech sectors is simply too great. So what can the industry do to ensure the pandemic doesn’t cut off opportunities for fresh talent?

In this webinar, we’ll ask industry experts and those in the early stages of their digital careers for their solutions to questions including:

• How can business leaders best support the young people who have just joined the industry and the young people who want to be its next entrants?

• How can we help young people maximise their opportunities in the industry right now?

• What can young people do to help themselves?

• Where is the good news for graduates and apprentices?

• What are the strategic decisions the industry needs to make to avoid losing a vital generation of talent?


Just understanding your options can help you to stay one step ahead. Our Hangouts sessions will cut through the rumour and misinformation and arm you with practical information you can put to work in your business.

Recruitment is on hold.” “Millennials don’t stand a chance”. As preparations for lifting lockdown ramp up and society finds its new normal, evidence suggests it is young people who have been most disadvantaged (economically speaking) by COVID-19. They may also be amongst the hardest hit once restrictions are lifted. And there are worrying predictions of a ‘lost generation’ squeezed out of opportunities now, and likely to find their lifelong earning potential irrevocably damaged.

The digital industry had a recruitment problem before the pandemic. If it doesn’t find a way to ensure the next generation of talent finds a home in digital, we’ll be facing even greater problems in the not too distant future.

Our Speakers :

Jamilah Simpson, Community President, WhiteHat

Jamilah Simpson – previously worked at Google completing her digital marketing apprenticeship, where she was placed in a customer-facing sales team working alongside clients in film, gaming and music. Now working at WhiteHat as their Community President, she is leads on apprentice-led activities, as well as represents apprentice voices through the IfATE and NsOA apprenticeship national panels.

Sarah Olubunmi, Business Coach, WhiteHat

Sarah previously taught English at a Secondary school in Cambridgeshire and was Head of Year 12. Her passion for education and democratising access to entry level careers lead her to WhiteHat – where she now works as a Business Coach. In her current role, she coaches a caseload of 35 apprentices and is responsible for supporting their professional and personal development, as well as helping them to gain a Level 3 Business qualification.

Emily Goldhill, Strategic Lead at Livity

Emily Goldhill is an experienced strategic lead who specialises in using human-led approaches to design robust campaigns, programmes and services. She is passionate about using her expertise to deliver work with purpose with a particular focus on representation and youth.

Since joining future consultancy and youth studio – Livity in 2016, Emily has run the strategy for major projects for Google, Facebook, Government departments and political movements, SheDecides and Undivided. In particular, Emily has led on many of Livity’s talent briefs from helping leading tech companies innovate their internal cultures, to helping brands understand how to attract the next gen of diverse leaders through to consulting on what the future of work and leadership needs to look like.

Simon Devereux, Director & Founder, ACCESS:VFX

Simon is the founder of ACCESS:VFX, a VFX industry movement striving for better inclusion and increased diversity across the visual effects, animation and wider creative industries. ACCESS:VFX now spans a global team made up of almost 60 award winning studios, industry bodies and educators, with chapters in the UK, Montreal, New York and Chicago.

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Thu, 07 May 2020
10:00 - 11:00


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