BIMA Hangouts – Coronavirus, HR & You Vol.2

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BIMA Hangouts – A practical, forward thinking & interactive session focusing on the challenges presented by the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Online Only Event: We will send you a meeting link once you sign up .

In these sessions you’ll be able to access expert support and advice to help you manage the next few weeks/months successfully.


The coronavirus outbreak has created unprecedented pressures on businesses over the past few months. Now that the initial “crisis period” is over, businesses are taking stock and working out how make sure that they are ready to meet the challenges ahead. For many, this means making tough decisions and having difficult conversations with their staff.

Our expert panel, will draw on their significant combined experience to discuss the challenges and issues that arise when employers need to have challenging conversations with employees who are working remotely. They will be discussing the following key areas, and you will also have a chance to ask questions of your own:

· What are their top tips for managing challenging conversations, particularly against the backdrop of the pandemic and remote working?

· What support should we be putting in place, and how can we best equip managers, to deliver difficult messages?

· If that message is part of a redundancy process, what content and process do we need to follow from a legal perspective?

· What special considerations should we bear in mind, and what are some of the unintended consequences when we get these conversations wrong?


Our Hangouts sessions cut through the rumour and misinformation and arm you with practical information you can put to work in your business.

Our Speakers:

David Williams, Employment Partner and Head of Employment at Kemp Little LLP, the leading digital media and technology law firm.

Amanda Davie, Executive Coach, Consultant & Director at Equal Talent

Anna Byford, Senior Associate at Kemp Little LLP with a particular focus on the ad-tech, mar-tech and digital media sectors.

Matt Dean, Founder of workplace consultancy byrne.dean and author of the Soft Stuff: reclaiming kindness for the world of work.

Their Bios:

David Williams, Employment Partner and Head of Employment at Kemp Little LLP

David has specialised in employment and industrial relations law since 1997 and has headed the Kemp Little employment group since 2006. David, who is recognised as one of the leading employment lawyers, speaks and writes regularly on various employment law issues and his clients value his “fantastic” and “invaluable” expertise. David undertakes both contentious and non-contentious work, advising on all aspects of employment law including redundancies and reorganisations, collective disputes, discrimination, tribunal claims, executive terminations/appointments (including the enforcement of post-employment restrictions), whistleblowing, bonus/commission schemes, relocations, changes to terms and conditions and discretionary arrangements. David also has considerable experience advising on business sales/purchases, mergers, outsourcing, restructuring, reorganisations and redundancies at both a national and international level. As you can imagine in these unprecedented times, David is spending a significant amount of his time providing support and expertise to his clients as they navigate the unique challenges that COVID-19 is presenting in the workplace.

Anna Byford, Senior Associate at Kemp Little LLP

Anna works with employers to manage the risks involved in the lifecycle of employment. She provides pragmatic and strategic advice to a broad range of companies on contentious and non-contentious matters. Anna works closely with clients, particularly those in the digital media, technology and retail sectors, from the early recruitment stages to help them on-board and manage human capital through to protecting their assets from staff departures and defending that position in the Courts. Anna has particular expertise advising on redundancies, restrictive covenant disputes and the employment aspects of outsourcings, including TUPE – and lately the challenges posed by COVID-19! Anna speaks regularly at the employment team’s HR forums and external seminars and creates tailored, in-house training programs for clients.

Amanda Davie, Executive Coach, Consultant & Director at Equal Talent

Amanda Davie is an executive and leadership coach who helps individuals and organisations to be curious, courageous and compassionate in how they do business. Amanda is a passionate egalitarian and feminist, and her professional mission is to help make the world of work a fairer and rewarding place for everyone – especially for women.

Amanda’s first career began in 1998 as one of the pioneers of Internet advertising in the UK, where she worked with entrepreneurs to build highly successful digital media and marketing services firms, including WPP, for the first ten years of her career.

In 2008 Amanda hit a glass ceiling and went in search of new challenges and a better work/life balance. So she decided to flex her own entrepreneurial muscle and built a successful, international digital management consulting firm called Reform.
In 2011, wanting to give something back to the sector that shaped her, Amanda set up a non-profit mentoring programme for the digital industry called Mentoring Digital Minds; and, in support of other less privileged female entrepreneurs, became a mentor on the Cherie Blair International Mentoring Programme for Women in Business.

In 2013 Amanda embarked upon her second career, trained in psychology of coaching, and qualified to become a member of the Association for Coaching. In 2017 she joined Equal Talent, an innovative and disruptive coaching firm that helps organisations to create balanced, inclusive and high performing leaders, teams and cultures.

Amanda’s clients range from middle managers and leaders in global professional services, media and technology firms like Microsoft, WPP, CGI, GBG, IBM, Google and Facebook, to founders and board directors of start-ups, and to leadership teams within the NHS.

Matt Dean, Founder of workplace consultancy byrne.dean and author of the Soft Stuff: reclaiming kindness for the world of work.

Victoria Byrne and Matt started byrne·dean in 2003 to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces. His two head and neck cancers (2009 and 2016) have influenced his life and work. Matt’s first book ‘the Soft Stuff: reclaiming kindness for the world of work’ was published in April.

He was an employment lawyer from 1989–2003 and created the ground breaking Employment Law Training team at Simmons & Simmons, where they started talking to people about the risks they ran at work and realised that you avoid employment problems by focusing on things like engagement and inclusion.

Matt loves getting people to focus on changing their bit of the firm. Increasingly he works with the most senior people in firms but also with teams and with everyone in firms. He does some one to one resolution and some strategic work – normally on culture change.

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In partnership with Kemp Little:


Wed, 08 Jul 2020
10:00 - 11:00


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