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Join us to discuss and explore how COVID has changed consumer behaviour in the past 6 months. It is changing the way we live, work and play. Some of the habits we had will never come back and some, new ones, are here to stay.


It is important to understand what will be the new normal and what it means for you. Is the high street dead? Are the new drive in cinemas replacing old cinema experience? How people’s mindset has changed since the lockdown when it comes to – going out, buying new property or insurance? Join us to answer these questions and more.

Is this for you?

For anyone who is interested how coronavirus is changing consumer behaviour and what the future looks like.

Our Speakers:

Rachel Armstrong, Design Studio Partner at Globant

Rachel is the Design Studio Partner for Globant. She has 20 years of knowledge, expertise and award-winning experience in digital and UX by unearthing customers insights that transform strategic thinking and developing breakthrough solutions. Rachel is specialist in qualitative and quantitative global research and has extensive experience to create and deploy new initiatives and methodologies that connect with consumers on all levels and diverse range of project typologies.

She believes passionately that understanding human behaviour is the foundation from which great ideas are created, products succeed and brands are future-proofed.

Rachel has worked both client side and consultancy, gaining her experience with a number of blue-chip companies including Nestle and Samsung Design Europe. As UX Research Manager at Samsung, she created strategic approaches to monetise and introduce new user experiences across multiple platforms and global business units.

Will Hodge , Executive Strategy Director, Karmarama

Will has worked at Karmarama for the past 8 years and leads the agency’s strategic output across different functions from communications to products and innovation. Clients include, The Army and NCS.

He started his career working at Howell Henry Chaldicott Lury on Autoglass, Pot Noodle, Singapore Airlines and Sky Sports. Then subsequently at AMV, Will led the strategy for one of the UK’s biggest programs of behaviour change – the switchover to digital television. He also spent 3 years working across the agency’s portfolio of P&G brands.Will has won silver and bronze IPA Effectiveness Awards in recognition of the long-term effectiveness of the THINK! Road safety brand and for Costa.

Daryll Scott, Director of Human Tech at LAB Group Services

Daryll had enjoyed a wildly diverse career, from entrepreneurial adventures, business leadership and executive coaching to neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis and neuromarketing. The thread that joins these dots is a deep fascination with the human condition and a disruptive approach to change.

As a Director of Human Technology at LAB it’s his job to make sure we use our digital superpowers to the benefit of the human beings we affect. In an age of rapid and uncertain change he will help you to embrace the delicious, complex, human chaos and provide a ‘nudge’.

In his mental fitness practice he helps people with anxiety, depression, fear, anger, stress, phobia and physical pain to liberate themselves.

Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer of the System1 Group

Orlando Wood is Chief Innovation Officer of the System1 Group, Honorary Fellow of the IPA and author of the IPA’s best-selling and widely acclaimed publication, Lemon (2019). He is also co-author of System1, Unlocking Profitable Growth (2017). In Lemon, Orlando draws on a unique combination of neuroscience and cultural history to describe a change in advertising style that has occurred over the last 15 years and which is undermining advertising effectiveness. He also explains the steps that advertisers and agencies should take to reverse the decline. Orlando led the IPA’s Creativity and Effectiveness research in 2018 and 2019, and in particular examined the performance of fluent devices, a term he coined in work he presented at EffWeek in 2017 and 2018. His work has influenced thinking and practice in research, marketing and advertising, winning him awards from the ARF, the AMA, Jay Chiat, ISBA, the MRS and ESOMAR.

Nathalie Nahai, Author, Host of The Hive Podcast

Nathalie is an international speaker and author of the best-selling book, Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion. Her work explores the intersection between persuasive technology, ethics and the psychological dynamics behind consumer behaviours, and clients include Google, Accenture, Unilever and Harvard Business Review, among others. Nathalie hosts The Hive Podcast, Seeking The Self and several Guardian podcasts, she has chaired the Guardian Changing Media Summit, and contributes to national media on the application of behavioural sciences and the impact of technology in our lives.

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Wed, 16 Sep 2020
15:00 - 16:00


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