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For every generation, the human experience is now a digital experience. But more than any other, Generation Z is defined and shaped by digital – and in return Gen Z shapes and defines digital for everyone else.

How should marketers respond? In the final part of its Gen Z event trilogy, WP Engine will dive deeper into its study of Gen Z behaviour to explore:

– Gen Z’s influence on marketing

– Gen Z’s influence on marketing to every other generation; and

– How marketing can meet the needs of the most digital dependent – and digital savvy – generation yet

With powerful insights and practical tips to help you connect with the influencer generation, join us to find out what matters most to Gen Z, and what that means for you.


Generation Z is a guiding force for the adoption of technologies across all generations. This is a generation that represents up to $150 billion in buying power yet influences $600 billion in spending globally and now accounts for around 40% of global consumers. Gen Z matters. Arguably, because of its power to influence, Gen Z matters more than any other generation.

Yet traditional marketing has failed to meet Gen Z’s needs. WP Engine’s study has shown that the way to reach this growing audience is through understanding how they use it. For those businesses able to do that most effectively, the rewards could be huge.

In this event, you’ll find out more about why engaging with Gen Z matters – and how to do it effectively.

Our speakers:

Helen Wallace, Global Lead for Adobe Creative Cloud at Deloitte Digital

As Creative Director she previously helped launch and run digital agencies. Now she is Deloitte’s Global lead for Adobe Creative Cloud working with clients to modernise their internal content, design and marketing teams through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, data driven design and automation whilst delivering award winning work. She works embedded within her clients studio maximizing creative people, process and tools to deliver at scale and velocity while being cost effective.

James Hall, Agency Alliances Lead at WP Engine

As Agency Alliances Lead, EMEA, James Hall supports leading agencies to ensure they are able to utilise the full potential of WordPress, to satisfy a range of requirements presented by their end clients. With 7 years experience in the cloud technologies market and 15 years in account management, James is able to help agencies with the complex decision making that comes with building out a CMS strategy. James held Client Relationship and Leadership roles at Rackspace and Six Degrees Group and holds a degree in Publishing and Business from Oxford Brookes University.

Lore Oxford, Global Head of Cultural Insights at We Are Social

Lore Oxford is Global Head of Cultural Insights at We Are Social, where she combines academic research methods with a digital-first approach to track culture on a global scale – from the socio-political forces shaping people’s values and beliefs, to the IRL tensions shaping internet culture. Her work is designed to unearth cutting edge cultural insights that form the springboard for strategy, creative and content, ensuring work is not only unique, but truly relevant to the people it’s speaking to.

Lloyd Tuckey, Head of Technology at Digitas UK

He has spent the last 18 years working in the Digital Agency space accumulating a wealth of experience in leading Technology teams and setting complex technical projects up for success.

Starting out as a web developer for the FullSIX Group, he quickly transitioned into managing the technical function within the agency and being the face of Technology for FullSIX UK.

He eventually moved to The BIO Agency where he spent the next 11 years, initially leading the Web Development team before being promoted to the Head of Technology. Whilst at BIO, he contributed to winning, leading and working on an array of Enterprise level developments, engaging with client counterparts and stakeholders to deliver tangible success stories that helped them realise their business objectives and goals.

These ranged from delivering meaningful customer experiences on innovative platforms to full digital transformation projects that changed the way in which client businesses operated in order to better service their customer needs.

Having joined Digitas UK as Head of Technology in January of this year, he is thrilled to be amongst a highly skilled set of people within a vibrant engineering culture and am now actively engaged in leading complex technical deliveries for some wonderful clients and helping to shape and steer the development and growth of their Technology team.

Rani Patel-Williams, Business Partner, Livity

Rani Patel-Williams is Business Partner at Youth Marketing agency, Livity and an active voice in driving equity and better representation for black talent within the industry. In response to George Floyd’s death she wrote an open letter to the industry asking it to admit it is racist. Shortly after, Rani co-founded Livity facilitated initiative #BrandShareTheMic with two other colleagues. The initiative looks to amplify young black voices by handing over big brands like Google, KFC, Giffgaff and Sony Music IG platforms to share their experience in those brands respective sectors.

With 12 years industry experience, Rani has a firm belief that advertising can be purposeful, affecting real change at a local and societal level. Throughout her career, she’s turned this belief into reality time and time again, delivering impactful, femxl-led category work.

Outside of her role at Livity, she is Founder and Creative Director of non-gendered apparel and accessories brand FANGIRL. The brand’s purpose is to serve the black and LGBTQI+ community first, counter to traditional brands offering and marketing approaches. Described as “a radical non-gendered accessories and apparel label” by Refinery29 the brand also acts as a platform for its community. This LFW Rani will be launching the brands first fashion catwalk, a CGI, all black gender fluid catwalk in collaboration with Digi Gxl and Institute of Digital Fashion. The project will look to challenge the ideas of representation within the digital space, how far the industry has to go to equalising the playing field and give perspective on what the future of fashion could look like.

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