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Fresh insight from Mullenlowe Profero looking into online consumer behaviour.


Necessity is the mother of adoption, and we’ve all borne witness to the acceleration of ecommerce’s share of retail during 2020: a 45% increase in online share of total UK retail sales (ONS, 2020 vs 2019)

But what have consumers learned from their crash course in online shopping? How far have they gone beyond their comfort zone, and will they stay there? And what will it take to attract their custom in 2021, and beyond?

In an essential webinar for all those in or working with the retail sector, MullenLowe Profero will present the results of their latest research while an expert panel will discuss its implications.

We’ll explore the experiences of online shoppers – old and new – over the past 12 months: examining not only their changed behaviours but also their future intentions, and how their considerations have changed as lockdown disrupts daily routines and familiar habits.

We’ll also examine the types of retailer that consumers default to, and why. And with marketplace and multi-brand retailers leading the pack, we’ll discuss why launching a successful direct to consumer (D2C) experience may prove rewarding, but challenging, even in today’s accelerated online retail environment.

Our Host:

Kate Walmsley, Cofounder and Consultant at Zoka

Kate Walmsley, Cofounder and Consultant at Zoka Ltd. Former ecommerce director and cx strategist, Kate has held global director roles at New Look, Topshop and AKQA. In 2019, she co-founded Zoka Ltd to help retailers scale and grow their digital business, with a focus on sustainable retail and recommerce. Determined to use commerce as a force for good, she is also working in stealth mode on a circularity startup.

Our Speakers:

Rob Hattrell, SVP, Head of eBay Europe

Rob Hattrell leads eBay’s business in Europe and is accountable for all operations in that market. He is passionate about consumer sellers, small businesses and the role technology and eBay play in powering entrepreneurship and creating opportunity. Rob joined eBay in 2017 to run eBay’s business in the U.K.

Prior to joining eBay, Rob worked at Tesco, where he ran the General Merchandise business, including worldwide sourcing, across the U.K. and Central European regions. He began his career at Tesco in 2009 as U.K. CIO and, before that, was a partner at Accenture in their Retail Practice. During his 13 year tenure at Accenture, Rob worked across the globe in retail strategy and transformation delivery, helping many different retail clients who represented all sectors.

Rob has an M.A. in Geography from Oxford University. He is married to Natalie, and they have four daughters. He is an avid but often frustrated golfer and a loyal but often disappointed West Ham United fan.

Valentina Milanova, Founder of Daye

Valentina Milanova is the founder of Daye. After having her first painful period at 9 years old, she spent her free time researching papers initially on female health conditions like PCOS and endometriosis. She came across industrial hemp and how the plant’s fibres were more absorbent than cotton, and the flower extract had analgesic properties. This provoked Valentina’s eureka moment and after years of clinical research, fundraising and dedication, Daye was founded.

The Bulgarian, solo, 26-year-old female founder managed to secure backing from A-list venture firms, recruit top talent, and launch her company’s first product to market in less than 12 months. Valentina aims to bridge the gender gap in medical research, raise the standards in female health products and service and normalise the conversation on female health.

Benjamin Lickfett, Global Head of Digital Innovation at Diageo

Benni has over 15 years’ experience in using technology and innovation to unlock the brand potential of Fortune 500 firms and startups. In his current role, as Global Head of Digital Innovation at Diageo, he is driving the test & learn agenda and championing digital transformation across a world-class spirits portfolio. His team of creative technologist are implementing cutting-edge marketing, hospitality and retail tech solutions to future-proof the business and create a competitive advantage for brands including Guinness, Bailey’s, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray and many others. Prior to Diageo, Benni co-founded the leading financial services comparison site in the Nordics, an e-commerce retailer for non-medical allergy products and the first user generated cause-marketing platform (one exit, one survivor, one implosion). Benni also spend several years consulting industry leaders such as Hilton Hotels, Best Buy, ExxonMobil, Cartier and Tetra Pak on their growth strategy.

Benni is native in start-up speak, fluent in agency jargon and grudgingly proficient in corporate acronyms. He is based in London and holds an MBA from IE Business School and a BA in International Relations from Tufts University.

Gareth Jones, CMO at Farfetch

Gareth joined Farfetch in March 2020 and is responsible for the global growth, sales and marketing strategy at Farfetch.

Prior to joining Farfetch, Gareth was the Chief Marketing Officer at eBay UK, where he helped grow the business to over 27million active buyers in the UK and drove double digit YOY revenue growth. eBay is now the 2nd biggest online retailer in the UK (behind Amazon). He has worked across sectors, including personal finance at Compare the Market, telecommunications, automotive and retail.

He has a degree in Business and Management Science from Nottingham Trent University.

Rowan Kisby, Strategy Director, MullenLowe Profero

Rowan started out life as an English teacher before defecting to digital. 15-years-old in industry terms, and a past BIMA 100 recipient, her portfolio includes global and local greats from Unilever, Diageo and Bayer to Royal Mail, M&S and giffgaff. She believes that your digital experience should be as distinctive a brand asset as any other aspect of your ecosystem, and can occasionally be found having opinions in City AM’s tech pages.

In partnership with Mullen Lowe Profero

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Wed, 24 Mar 2021
10:00 - 11:00


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